Cooperation ·· Robin Godwyll
Medium ······· Robot, Facial Recognition
       ······· Camera, Pen, Paper, 3D-Print
Photo ········ Chantal Lenting
      ········ Ben Nienhuis, Robert Haslbeck
Year ········· 2020

Facing You
The project is an interactive installation, with a robot that analyses the persons in his environment.

In this project, we tried to use robot and cameras to capture the audience’s facial expressions, record and present the audience’s first reaction to the new technology. After the captured expression is analysed by machine learning, the robot records the outline of the expression and the three main emotions on the scroll. Viewers can compare their feelings with those which robot estimated retrospectively.

The audience and the machine analyse each other and their actions affect the outcome simultaneously. Looking at hundreds of thousands of pieces of data on paper, recorded with or without the knowledge of the other party. We tried to open the black box to show the process of data analysis and arouse the audience’s attention to the issue of data collection and personal privacy protection.

This project was exhibited at Dutch Design Week, imm Cologne Furniture Fair, and was invited to participate in the exhibition of the Design Museum Den Bosch - BodyDrift- Anatomies of the Future.