Cast ········· Ute Böttner, Yiyun Huang
     ········· Cam Van Pham, Josua Roters
     ········· Shuyun Liu, Ludwig Pfeiffer
Camera ······· Katharina Schnekenbühl
Soundtrack ··· Josua Roters
Illustration · Ludwig Pfeiffer
Location ····· Kumara Organic Restaurant
Year ········· 2022

Fortune Cook Me
There are no fortune cookies in Asia.
"Fortune Cook Me" is a design report about fortune cookies and an intercultural cooking workshop.
The fortune cookie, which has existed for over a century, is considered a symbol of Asia, but is completely unknown there. The fortune cookie is like a pair of binoculars through which people look to the East and narrow their perspective.
With fortune cookies as props and humor as dressing, the three-course workshop will bring people from different cultures to understand each other and enrich the semantics of fortune cookies.

This project received the Best Audience Award at Kurz&Gut Kurzfilmwettbewerb Merseburg Germany. It was also selected for West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival USA, and IFF Integrazione Film Festival Bergamo Italy.