Team ········· Ksenia Shokhina,
     ········· Rocco Punghellini
Medium ······· Mini Ramp, PirateBox,
       ······· Raspberry Pi Zero W
Cooperation ·· Innovation Lab#2, La Plateforme
Year ········· 2023

Shred:M is an itinerant network attached on a skateboard ramp. It emerges as a new excitement in the streets where Marseille skaters gather.

Skaters can contribute to the local skateboarding archive by connecting to the PirateBox inside the Shred:M, where skaters can record new tricks made with Shred:M, provide tutorials for newbies, and contribute to the local skateboarding archive. All information is only stored locally within the ramp.

Shred:M can flow from one location to another, bringing together skaters from different areas within the city of Marseille, a social network dedicated to the offline community. The street stickers are markers for Shred:M appearances and codes between skaters.